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#207 – A Selfie for the End of the World

by Daniel Brenton on August 24, 2016

in Speculative Fiction

5 Second Novel #207 -  A Selfie for the End of the World

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#206 – Decisions, Decisions

August 17, 2016
5 Second Novel #206 - Decisions, Decisions

“Well, hello Avril. It’s been a while since Junior year.”

“Tar … Tyler! Thank God, finally someone who recognizes me. You would not believe the day I’ve been having.”

“Seven years, and I’m still ‘Tard-Face’.”

“Look, I’m sorry about all that, but I’m –” [ … ]

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#205 – The Flicker

August 10, 2016
5 Second Novel #205 - The Flicker

“I’ve got 350 million citizens panicking over this. I need to give them answers.”

James Ikehara, chair of the President’s Council of Advisors on Science and Technology, nodded respectfully. It had been a mind-bending moment in his yard the morning before when he’d first seen The Flicker: the Sun repeatedly winking out and blazing back on in regular, almost mathematical patterns every 47 minutes. [ … ]

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#204 – There Be Dragons Here

August 3, 2016
5 Second Novel #204 - There Be Dragons Here

“You are completely safe. Go to the fear.”

“Go to the fear?” Holly Munden thought, feeling trepidation. Up to that moment she had allowed herself to luxuriate in an overwhelming sense of peace, and even love, that Daoud Hamad — the spiritual healer that had come highly recommended by her woo-woo friends — had induced simply by placing his hand on her heart. [ … ]

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#203 – As if They Had No Souls

July 27, 2016
5 Second Novel #203 - As if They Had No Souls

“I have wanted to chat with you, but I did not want anyone listening. I have a … ‘gut instinct’ that we will understand each other.”

As I stepped into the elevator at the end of my day, the conversation echoed on in my mind. I’d gotten to know Surendra Pawar with I.T. from when I’d needed desktop support over the past few months, and the quiet, perceptive man — when no one was in earshot — opened up to me. [ … ]

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#202 – Judgment Day

July 20, 2016
5 Second Novel #202 - Judgment Day

As his pro bono attorney Michael Harwell glanced at him quizzically, Terrence Green poured half of the contents of his water bottle in the trash, and then filled it back up with the contents of the other bottle he had brought. As Terrence swirled the bottle gently, the bailiff called his name. He and councilor Harwell made their way to a small table before the judge. [ … ]

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#201 – Incredibility

July 13, 2016
5 Second Novel #201 - Incredibility

“Vince, please look at this.”

Vincent Rosetti was being ‘summoned’ even more stridently than usual, and he was growing annoyed with the personality quirk. Stacy’s fascination with conspiracy theories, UFOs, and the paranormal was a discordant refrain in an otherwise harmonious relationship. [ … ]

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#200 – The Hand Behind Time

July 6, 2016
5 Second Novel #200 - The Hand Behind Time

My dearest Catherine:

I look upon you sleeping, and hesitate to awaken you from your peaceful slumber, yet I have learned something so profound during my last journey that I must put it into words. You are the only soul who knows of my ability to travel through Time, and without you as my confidante in this I almost certainly would have gone mad. [ … ]

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#199 – Soon

June 29, 2016
5 Second Novel #199 - Soon

The nightmare had been coming to me over several nights, but I could not remember it … until this time. It would start with waves of heat, as if I was suffering through the peaks of some relentless fever. I double over in my bathtub, my chest cramping, tears streaming from my eyes, and I wretch vomit streaked with blood. The skin over my shoulder blades stretches as the blades bloat and grow, and with hellish pain they tear my flesh open and appendages erupt from my body: moist, bat-like, leathery wings that instinctively unfurl themselves to dry. [ … ]

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