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#212 – Choices

by Daniel Brenton on October 26, 2016

in Speculative Fiction

5 Second Novel #212 - Choices - Panel 1

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#211 – A Curtain Across the Sun

October 12, 2016
5 Second Novel #211 - A Curtain Across the Sun

It was bright, brighter than a dozen Suns, and instinctively I had squeezed my eyes shut, and in that instant thought, good God, no. As soon as my vision cleared enough to make out the room, I lunged into Mom’s bedroom, caught a shadow of her terrified expression, and yanked her bedspread off of the floor and covered both of us up. And it hit. [ … ]

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#210 – Protector

September 28, 2016
5 Second Novel #210 - Protector

The night after the eight of them trapped me in a corner of the fence at my elementary school playground, after they taunted me, after they ripped my glasses off of my face and broke them, after they knocked the wind out of me, broke my lip, forced my face into the dirt, and twisted my right arm around until my elbow broke with so much pain I almost passed out, after the useless playground monitor finally found me forty minutes later … [ … ]

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#209 – The Last President

September 14, 2016
5 Second Novel #209 - The Last President

Pastor Joel Wallace was still in shock — as was most the world — from the previous night’s events. He sat in the West Wing lobby, waiting in visceral and barely controlled terror. The President, at the conclusion of his first State of the Union address, had been joined by his wife, every sitting judge of the Supreme Court, as well as by the majority and minority leaders of both houses. Together, in a moment that would be seared into his memory for the rest of his days, they had shapeshifted in front of everyone in attendance … [ … ]

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#208 – An Empty Place at My Gramma’s Table

August 31, 2016
5 Second Novel #208 - An Empty Place at My Gramma's Table

Gramma was fading. She was comfortable enough in her hospice bed, but Dad couldn’t seem to find it in himself to leave his trade conference to be there for his own mother, damn him.

“Erica, come close,” she said, in the hoarse whisper that was all that was left of her voice. “I need to tell you something I have never told a soul.” [ … ]

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#207 – A Selfie for the End of the World

August 24, 2016
5 Second Novel #207 -  A Selfie for the End of the World

“Ryan, look at this.”

If today was really “it” we wanted Aubrey with us, and the last thing we wanted was for her to not stay in contact. She’d wanted an apartment close to campus, and somehow found a job in this wretched economy to support it. It was Friday, April 13, 2029 – “Armageddon Friday,” the media called it, as if it were some kind of joke – and there were already riots starting not far from her place. Everyone had been praying the astronomers had been wrong, but the prayer wasn’t answered … [ … ]

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#206 – Decisions, Decisions

August 17, 2016
5 Second Novel #206 - Decisions, Decisions

“Well, hello Avril. It’s been a while since Junior year.”

“Tar … Tyler! Thank God, finally someone who recognizes me. You would not believe the day I’ve been having.”

“Seven years, and I’m still ‘Tard-Face’.”

“Look, I’m sorry about all that, but I’m –” [ … ]

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#205 – The Flicker

August 10, 2016
5 Second Novel #205 - The Flicker

“I’ve got 350 million citizens panicking over this. I need to give them answers.”

James Ikehara, chair of the President’s Council of Advisors on Science and Technology, nodded respectfully. It had been a mind-bending moment in his yard the morning before when he’d first seen The Flicker: the Sun repeatedly winking out and blazing back on in regular, almost mathematical patterns every 47 minutes. [ … ]

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#204 – There Be Dragons Here

August 3, 2016
5 Second Novel #204 - There Be Dragons Here

“You are completely safe. Go to the fear.”

“Go to the fear?” Holly Munden thought, feeling trepidation. Up to that moment she had allowed herself to luxuriate in an overwhelming sense of peace, and even love, that Daoud Hamad — the spiritual healer that had come highly recommended by her woo-woo friends — had induced simply by placing his hand on her heart. [ … ]

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