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5 Second Novel #061- The Mother of All Butterflies

• • •

This 5 Second Novel was written specifically for the Butterfly Shaman herself, Teresa Deak, and featured a brief cameo by her husband, the Vernon, British Columbia real estate juggernaut, John Deak. Give them a visit.

By the way, John is not an eight foot gray and brown caterpillar. Honest.

(Yes, John, this one was more than five seconds. Guilty as charged.)

• • •

Copyright © 2013, by Daniel Brenton. All Rights Reserved.

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Daniel Brenton is the creator/author of the 5 Second Novel series, co-author of the space race thriller Red Moon (with David S. Michaels), and is the author of the satirical column The Round Files, published in Stuart Miller’s short-lived Alien Worlds Magazine.

Despite being a writer, Daniel has no cats at this time, is unwilling to become an alcoholic, and has a very difficult time keeping a straight face while writing about himself in third person.

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